Created in 2016 in Reunion Island and located in La Saline, our goal was to break free from the simple technical nature of the lighting competence of the classic engineering office to develop a more inclusive approach to light.
The creation of the lighting design studio allows us to shape the light material by making it « tailor-made » on the scale of a villa, a mall, a theater, a district or a city. By placing the use and the user at the center of our projects, the nocturnal identity of a site or a space becomes unique and offers us the possibility of carrying out a reflection on night town planning and its consequences on our Territory.
The light Ecodesign of public lighting through urban lighting planning and the development of black screens is a major commitment to which we are particularly sensitive thanks to our regional roots. We also attach great importance to how to anchor the lighting project in its site in order to develop societal and economic attractiveness in the neighborhoods by means of lighting design. The nocturnal wandering of residents through our highlighting of the city must be a vector of comfort, security, well-being, social ties and finally urban ecology.
This dual technical and conceptual competence in natural or artificial light allows us to take part in projects in partnership with town planners, architects, landscapers, engineers and designers in the service of public or private contracting authorities.